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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lapp’s Low Smoke Halogen Free cables are by far the most efficient and reliable option for baggage handling systems.
JJ-Lapp Cable has successfully secured a project to supply Lapp’s power, control and data cables for an upgraded baggage handling system (BHS) in Changi Airport’s Terminal 1. A BHS is a conveyor system used in airports to assist in the transportation of checked luggage from ticket counters to a location where they can be loaded onto planes. 
This is a significant milestone for JJ-Lapp Cable’s sales team in Singapore as it marks an entry point for the business to move into the airport industry. The win is expected to open up more market segments and business opportunities in the future.
“We are working with a world leader in BHS systems who has a global track record in this field. Lapp’s Low Smoke Halogen Free cables were chosen as their preferred cable given that the system is responsible for protecting lives and property,” shared George Tan, Assistant Sales Manager, JJ-Lapp Cable Singapore. The nature of Low Smoke Halogen Free cables ensures that acid does not form even in the case of fire. This reduces the risk of harm to people, the environment and the customer’s physical assets. The project will be completed in the first quarter of 2017.
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