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Towards Clean Water and Sanitation for All

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A team of 23 volunteers has successfully completed their mission for Meet a Social Need 2017. Comprising staff from across the Group, our long-time CSR partner World Vision International (WVI) and Indonesian prominent media houses, the volunteers spent five days in a remote village in eastern Indonesia, where their help was most needed.
Each day, the team undertook a four-hour return journey from their homestay to the project site, where they rolled up their sleeves to help repair water wells and build a new water channel to bring clean water to the small community of Mautenda Village.
Working alongside the welcoming local villagers, the volunteers also had the opportunity to participate in a hand-washing campaign. They visited Anaranda, a sub-village of Mautenda, where they were tasked to impart proper hand-washing techniques to about 200 elementary school students.
This was one of the most memorable experiences for Jessica William of Jebsen & Jessen Business Services Indonesia. “I enjoyed it because we got to interact with the kids. The World Vision International team showed deep passion for the community, which inspired us to give more too,” she said.
For Sokny Sang from Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients Cambodia, the opportunity to put on a cultural performance for the villagers was a highlight of the trip.
“This was a unique experience for me. Not only did we get to share our culture, we were also treated to a beautiful Gawi dance performance by the local community,”he shared.
Reflecting on the experience, Victor Tai of CSU said, “Throughout the trip, I was touched by the enormous efforts of the villagers in building a better future for their families and future generations, and how welcoming they were of us. There is a limit to what we can do in such a short period of time. However, the aim of the mission was to raise awareness of clean water sources among the villagers and I believe we achieved that.”
Hazel Burac from JJ-Lapp Cable Philippines echoed this, saying, “I feel immensely blessed to have been part of this trip. I hope we’ll continue to have more projects like this and slowly, but surely, change the world for the better.”
The volunteers have also been invited to share their experiences with their colleagues at sessions scheduled for each office.
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